Avang Negareh Media is a post-production specialist. Editing, dubbing and voiceover, color correction, visual effects, subtitles, music and graphics creation are all done at a professional level in our studios. More than 100 episodes of movies and series have been edited in our studios. We have won several awards at international festivals for sound design and composition. Avang Negareh Media is the pioneer and innovator of visual effects in cinema productions of the Kurdistan region. More than 17,000 minutes of dubbing in different languages ​​are part of our resume. During 16 years of activity, we have a very complete archive of video footages and sound effects, which brings us power and agility in post-production. If you shot your footage in RAW or you need to correct the color and light, we have a special davinci box for this. We also offer DCP services for filmmakers and content owners. If you are looking for a professional set to take your post-production service from A to Z, feel free to contact us.