Avang Negareh Media, which was originally known as “SUN STUDIO”, was established in 2007 in Sanandaj, Iran. At first, our studio did most of the post-production work such as editing, sound design, dubbing, color grading and visual effects for local TV channels and independent filmmakers. But then, from 2012 onwards, by equipping the studios, production of exclusive content also began in Avang Negareh Media. During more than 16 years of professional activity, dozens of documentary series, animations, commercial teasers and TV programs were made in our studios and broadcasted and screened in various international media and festivals. In 2017, the first Kurdish VOD platform “KurdMe.com” was founded by Avang Negareh Media and later the “TVME.IR” was introduced. Avang Negareh Media is one of the creative companies of the Scientific VP of Iran, the technologist member of the Kurdistan Science and Technology Park, one of the sustainable employment development centers of the UNIDO and a digital cultural unit of the Ministry of Culture of Iran.